06 Mar 2023
DTEC Robot cells with KR C5 controllerRobot cells with KR C5 controller

DTEC installs the first compact cells in Europe with KR C5 controller for efficient performance.

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30 Jan 2023
DTEC More room for vacation momentsMore room for vacation moments

DTEC Metalltechnik Liezen manufactures individual elements in the National Park Resort Hotel Dilly in Windischgarsten

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11 Dec 2021
DTEC Our newest project: luxury kitchens from GaggenauOur newest project: luxury kitchens from Gaggenau

Our Credo? To solve projects together with customers and employees.

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12 Nov 2021
DTEC DTEC supplies the largest multi-metal bending machine DTEC supplies the largest multi-metal bending machine

DTEC delivers the largest ever realized multi-metal bending system to a German high-performance customer in the field of air conditioning.

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10 Aug 2021
DTEC With DTEC into a climate-friendly future!With DTEC into a climate-friendly future!

The effects of the climate crisis can be felt worldwide. All experts ring thealarm-bell and talk about this "red alert for humanity". 

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12 May 2021
DTEC DTEC on course for growth DTEC on course for growth

Due to high utilization in the non-automative area by well-known European customers, we have expanded our production area by an additional hall. 


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11 Feb 2020
DTEC Perfect implementationPerfect implementation

The new technology video from a DTEC customer shows the advantages of a fully automated production line for cooling plates.

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07 Sep 2018
DTEC DTEC Systems fit for aluminiumDTEC Systems fit for aluminiumread morehttps://www.dtec.at/en/news/dtec_systems_fit_for_aluminium-8?nobox=true
16 Aug 2018
DTEC  All process steps from one source - Company portrait All process steps from one source - Company portraitread morehttps://www.dtec.at/en/news/all_process_steps_from_one_source__company_portrait-9?nobox=true
06 Jul 2018
DTEC DTEC supports Kirchdorf Talent WeekDTEC supports Kirchdorf Talent Week

Our life with robots - the modern age!


How do robots work, how do they help us and how can I build a robot?


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25 May 2018
DTEC Planning the future togetherPlanning the future together

A corporate plan with clearly defined philosophy, strategy and tactics leads DTEC into a successful future.

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04 Jul 2012
DTEC DTEC supplies absorber production to IndiaDTEC supplies absorber production to India

Turnkey laser welding systems from DTEC are in operation at two of the leading solar collector manufacturers in India.

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